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Western Container Logistics

Our professional warehouse staff delivers friendly and courteous service. Accurate pallet/box counts are guaranteed. Our own experienced drivers deliver most orders. This minimizes shipping time and any in-transit damage. Personnel are routinely trained and tested to keep abreast of the latest regulatory procedures.

The Freight Class of your shipment is determined by the product's cubic capacity and density (lbs/cubic feet).  To obtain the cubic dimensions of a shipment, multiply the length x width x height.  For palletized loads, the pallet dimensions are the minimum length and width used in the cubic volume calculation.  The height of the pallet must be added to the load height.

Load Density is calculated by dividing the pallet's total weight by the capacity in cubic feet.  Add the pallet's weight to the load weight in determining total weight.  Try our Freight Class Calculator for easy freight class calculation.

The following chart shows the classifications for the Paper Articles Group, in the National Motor Freight Code, subject to item 152660:

                  Density (lbs/cubic feet)               Class
Sub1          Less than 1                                    400
Sub2          1 but less than 2                            300
Sub3          2 but less than 4                            250
Sub4          4 but less than 6                            150
Sub5          6 but less than 8                            125
Sub6          8 but less than 10                          100
Sub7          10 but less than 12                        92.5
Sub8          12 but less than 15                        85
Sub9          15 but less than 22.5                     70
Sub10        22.5 but less than30                      65
Sub11        30 or greater                                  60



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